Conference Agenda

The New Era of Title IX and Institutional Collaboration  

Preparing Campus Leadership for Individuals Traumatically Impacted by Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and other Disturbing Events 

Session 1: Trauma Informed Response

Introducing the basic scientific concepts concerning neurobiology of trauma so victims of traumatic crimes will be understood, increasing the success of sexual assault cases, domestic violence and any traumatic event.

Session 2: Trauma Informed Interview and Discussion

This interview process incorporates the principles of neurobiology of trauma.  This is a quick paced and interactive presentation focused on the how-to’s of conducting trauma informed victim interviewing.

Justin Boardman presents and consults nationally on variety of subjects pushing for culture change.  Boardman was 15 year veteran and detective with the West Valley City (Utah) Police Department and a member of the Salt Lake County sexual assault response team .   He co-authored a Trauma Informed Victim Interview protocol for adult victims of sexual assault. Boardman was the recipient of the 2017 Public Policy Award awarded by the Utah Council on Victims of Crime and the 2015 Visionary Voice Award.

Session 3: The New Era of Title IX and Institutional Collaboration

The U.S. Department of Education rescinded two Office for Civil Rights guidance documents and replaced them with the “2017 Dear Colleague Letter” and 2017 Questions and Answers on Title IX and Sexual Violence.”    This in-depth interactive presentation will address the compliance and collaboration including:

What does the Department of Education still require?

What new responsibilities does an institution have to the Respondents?

What is the impact on the adjudicatory process?

How does this affect institutions’ obligations to comply with the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013?

How will the new era of Title IX interpretation and enforcement affect campus collaborative relationships?

Dr. Michael Jasek, Dean of Students

Stephen Lopez, Chief of University Police

Dr. Lauri Millot, Executive Director and Title IX/Section 504 Coordinator, NMSU

Additional topics include:

  • Success through Collaboration  – Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator and Police Department
  • Clery Reporting and the Annual Security Report
  • It’s On Us and How to Implement on your Campus
  • 50-Thousand-Foot-View on Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Assault Prevention, Education and Diversity
  • Round Table Discussions

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